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Welcome to the International Journal of Media Discourse (IJMD).

The IJMD is devoted to the peer-reviewed, open-access publication of critically-informed research, focussed on the role of discourse in the material/symbolic constitution of the contemporary social order. This goal does not mean that a specific methodological or political position is preferred, nor should it suggest that the Journal is restricted to the analysis of political, as opposed to cultural events. Media Discourse is understood, therefore, as a broad category of ‘value-laden’ practices, animated and circulated by institutions, platforms, workers, ‘publics’ and other formations, rather than as a distinct mode of communication that subjects other social forces to its own agenda.

IJMD also maintains (as the title suggests!) a decidedly International focus, inviting contributions from academics who consider themselves part, not only of a ‘global’ academy, but of a wider political and social constituency. This trans-national group is composed of citizens, journalists, academics, activists, and any others whose primary concern is the pursuit of social justice. A serious engagement with the challenges of the current period must take into account the various manifestations of sociopolitical activity, based on an understanding of class, gender, ethnicity, and other forms of subaltern identity. In other words, IJMD encourages the submission of research that interrogates the iniquities and myths perpetuated by the cheerleaders of patriarchal capitalism, as well as the resistive practices of those subjected to its power.

In sum, IJMD provides an interdisciplinary forum for the generation of new insights into the contested production of public meaning. The Editors are particularly interested in the intersection between empirical and theoretical work, in which an author is able to suggest advances within (or beyond) a particular field, tradition or mode of enquiry, by offering evidence from interviews, participant observation, social media surveys, data analysis, or other forms of enquiry. This does not, however, preclude the submission of material (such as the ‘extended essay’) that tries to advance academic thought by engaging with contemporary developments in theory.

This is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal which aims to examine contemporary issues in media and cultural studies, with a specific focus on media coverage of international events.

The Journal is a non-profit venture, which has links to a number of research groups at various International Universities.

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The Journal is affiliated with the following research groups and organisations:

The Media Discourse Centre, at De Montfort University


Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association
Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association
MeCCSA Practice Network